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NAR prides itself in being a team-based organization. In the reconstruction community it is important to have the ability for peer-review and specialists in the many different disciplines of the crash reconstruction field. For over 13 years NAR has provided honest answers and accurate analysis for its clients.

We know that in the courtroom it not only takes the technical expertise and understanding of complex concepts but the ability to explain those concepts in ways that allow the judge or jury to form their own conclusions. All of these conclusions must be based on an accurate understanding of what took place before and during the crash event.

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brent bockstadter

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Brent is a founding member of NAR. He has 20 years of experience in the field of crash reconstruction and is both an instructor and an analyst for our company. He is based out of central Nebraska and has extensive experience testifying in criminal and civil trials as an expert witness. Brent also has logged hundreds of hours teaching the fundamentals of crash investigation to law enforcement and private sector individuals looking to expand their knowledge in this field

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chris mannel


Chris is also an original founding partner of NAR and serves as the company's technical specialist. He lives in the Omaha area has a strong background in everything that has to do with technology. He specializes in software, photography, mapping, analysis and the production of any electronic media for our clients or the business. He is a FAA licensed sUAV pilot for scene mapping and video overviews. Chris handles both criminal and civil proceedings for the company and has experience in the courtroom for either type of case. Chris is certified in the extraction and preservation of heavy truck ECM modules and is can answer questions you may have about this process.

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tony kavan

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Tony is a founding member of NAR based out of the central Nebraska area. He has over 15 years of experience in the field of crash reconstruction and is both an instructor and an analyst for our company. He also brings extensive experience in the criminal investigations arena and can interview subjects and eye witnesses with his deep understanding of how motor vehicle crashes happen. This experience is also helpful should the case come to trial.

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sydney james


Sydney is NAR's newest partner and comes to us with experience in scene work, analysis, and courtroom testimony prep as well as being a crash investigation related instructor. She has a degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in transportation from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is building her case experience as she works towards her masters degree in Civil Engineering. She already has a great understanding of the process of crash reconstruction and is familiar with all the new technologies involved in this ever-evolving field.

Contact any one of our members for information or you can email our team contact for general questions or inquires you may have. There are no obligations and we are happy to answer any questions you have about our work or services. References and CVs are provided as needed.

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