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Three of our partners have achieved ACTAR Accreditation.

ACTAR is an organization that encourages the integrity, consistency and professionalism of those involved in traffic crash investigation.

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For more information the ACTAR organization visit their site here.


Combined, NAR partners have nearly 60 years of experience in crash and crime scene investigations and analysis.

This includes on-scene investigations, follow-up vehicle exams and working with clients to understand the crash from the time the case starts to the courtroom.

Explaining the complex concepts involved in crash recontruction in ways that allow the judge or jury to make an impartial and informed judgment is crucial to the case.


NAR partners are certified in the use of the latest recon technologies. Their partners are able to digitally map crash scenes so that 3D models can be created to help tell the story of how the crash occurred. They are also certified in the EDR technologies explained on our Services page.

These abilities allow NAR to provide the answers needed to attorneys and insurance companies to help them make informed decisions on whether or not their clients or insured parties should pursue further legal actions or claims.

NAR partners are also experienced in criminal defense and civil litigation cases from analysis to courtroom exhibits and testimony.

Commercial Motor Vehicle cases

CMV involved crashes are some of the most complicated that occur.

  • Every day commercial vehicles are involved in motor vehicle crashes. Because of their size and unique vehicle dynamics, the investigation process can be much more complex than crashes involving passenger vehicles and light trucks.
  • Most CMVs and their drivers are subject to many state and federal regulations well above and beyond passenger and non-commercial vehicles. Because of the complicated systems within these vehicles and applicable regulations NAR is equipped and trained to analyze aspects of their operation, and status before the crash. We are able to download applicable electronic data from compatible engine control modules (ECMs). This can sometimes give us insight into the condition of the engine and characteristics of driving prior to an emergency event in most cases.
  • NAR partners trained in this area can provide clients with thorough training and a background on specific systems involved in a crash so that they are familiar with all aspects of the evidence being preserved.
  • Our CMV case experience includes work in both criminal and civil cases as well as work for and against commercial motor vehicle operators and/or owners. Our goal is to analyze and explain the crash using the best methods and technologies available for each case.
  • For more information please refer to our Services page for details.

Contact NAR by e-mail or phone for an in-person or phone discussion of your specific case.

UAV Mapping

Drone flights have revolutionized the detail of our scene data.

  • The UAV takes photographs while recording its exact location and orientation using GPS and internal tracking so that photogrammetry can be used by additional software to create a complete 3D model of the scene.
  • Because this process uses photographs for data collection we also are able to render a highly detailed overhead image of the scene for demonstrative or exhibit purposes.
  • The 3D model contains enough data to perform detailed analysis of the scene in all 3 dimensions. Using total station equipment alone could take 2 partners hours to complete and result in a fraction of the data realized with our UAV system.
  • All this means that your case evidence and subsequent analysis is backed by a detailed rendering of the crash site and can include approaches to the site for sight line or speed dependant scenarios.
  • For more information please refer to our Services page for more details.

Contact NAR by e-mail or phone for an in-person or online presentation of these capabilites.

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NAR-LLC partners have extensive field experience, and know all too well that seatbelt use can save lives and help to prevent serious injury or death in thousands of crashes every year. Recent statistics in Nebraska alone show that nearly 70% of fatalities in passenger cars were NOT wearing seatbelts. While some crashes are not survivable no matter what safety systems are in place, many survivable crashes occur every day where seatbelt use is a critical factor in the reduction of injuries or chances of death.

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